2 x EL panel - pay for one, get the second for FREE

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SKU: Vivid EL Panel Package 2
Price: 15.00 €

2 x EL panel of your choice

for 15 Eur

2x EL panel of your choise

1x wireless USB chargeable inverter


New in the market! If you like the sound active EL T -shirt, but you tired to change the batteries, there is a solution for you! New sound active inverter rechargeable by USB port. The small size battery box attached directly behind the EL panel – no more wires no more batteries! The panel will flash for 2-3 hours.

Wireless EL panel can be attached to luggage, gifts, auto glass and common items, such as on clothing, backpacks, as well to the T-Shirt with Velcro, can be removed and replaced according to your preference


1. Light-weighted and thin:
The wireless EL panel inverter is only 10mm thick, with weight less than 50g. (50mm x50mm x 10mm).

2. Wireless:
Wireless Portable EL inverter box sticks at the back of panel. This provides environmental friendly and economical solutions, and most importantly, easy for installation.

3. Simplicity:
The inverter comes with sensitivity adjustment knob for convenient use in all kinds of environment with different sound levels. Sound activated T shirt will react accordingly to your environment depending on the volume of sounds around you.

LED or EL panel = Electro Luminescent

Product structure:      
EL panel+inverter+ individual packing.        
Built-in sound sensitivity controller - on and off control        
No heat generation and UV radiation        
Environment safety, no harm to people's eyes.        

Attention that EL panel is not water-proof, Do not submerge ANY part of the flash panel        

When ordering please put into order comments the code for the designs you selected, for examle: TS-002, TS-003 and TS-101