EL T-Shirt TS-101

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SKU: Vivid TS-101
Price: 23.00 €

2014 SUMMER SALE 18 Euro


EL T-shirt/ El sound activated T-shirt/ Lighting party shirt      
This is the T shirt that everybodys talking about the sound activated equalizer with adjustable sensitivity!          
Walk into a disco, bar or nightclub with this shirt on and the equaliser jump up and down to  the music in real time!           

Product structure:          
EL panel+T-shirt+inverter+ individual pakcing.          
EL panel: In the front or back of the t-shirt.          
Built-in sound sensitivity controller - on and off control          
No heat generation and UV radiation          
Envrionment saftey, no harm to people's eyes.         
Operating instruction         
1.Check if the connector clip firmly          
2.Take out the battery pack from the pocket inside  the shirts          
3.Slide open the battery compartment and insert 4AAA batteries,make sure to follow the correct  polarity.          
4.Switch on,and adjust the sensitivity controller on side of the battery pack to match the music well          
T-shirt details:          
Fabric Weight: 195g          
Material: 100% cotton           
Style: Men
Collar: Round neck          
Sleeve: Short sleeve          
Color: White, Black, Blue        
Sizes:  M, L, XL,           
EL Inverter :          
Battery compartment: Neatly placed into an inside pocket with protective cloth tube.           
Type: Sound actived battery box          
Votage: 6V (4 x AAA battery, not included)          
EL Panels :          
Around 100 models you can choose from         
Excellent flashing mode, vivide image, can be seen from far distance.          
night clubs, dancing parties, concerts, festival gathering, using this kind of shirts, making you stand up from the crowds.          
Washing instructions:          
Attention that EL panel is not water-proof, Do not submerge ANY part of the flash panel          
1.unlug and remove battery pack completely.          
2.move the el panel logo from the velcro.          
3.do not bend the el logo panel or iron it.          
4.make sure that it's completely dry before replacing back of the battery pack and el logo panel.         

Men size:    
  Height Chest Waist
S 133 99 97
M 136 105 103
L 141 110 108
XL 144 116 114